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Factorio Factorio 0.16.13 released

Discussion in 'Factorio' started by Factorio RSS Feed, Jan 3, 2018.

By Factorio RSS Feed on Jan 3, 2018 at 10:08 PM
  1. Minor Features
    • Added a time limit option to PvP game modes 'Production score' and 'Oil harvest'
    • Added 'score per minute' to the PvP Production score GUI.
    • Fixed a crash when blueprinting modded logistic storage chests. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed requester chests wouldn't work with specific combinations of storage, buffer, and provider chests. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed a crash with the command line map preview option. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed the world-icon for the cliff explosive didn't match the item icon. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed the progress indicator in the browse-mods GUI would update too quickly. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed changing the force of a robot waiting to charge would break the robot. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed that joining modded multiplayer games where the spawn area was deleted would error. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed that pasting text didn't work correctly in any text field. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed a crash related to tile transitions. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed logistic storage filters would be ignored in some specific cases. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed that side-loading underground belts could lead to them getting stuck. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed that modded storage chests would allow more than 1 filter when the extra filters weren't valid. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed that the map preview seed wouldn't get used when the generate map GUI had an exchange string entered. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Added yet another migration fixing invalid state created between 0.16.8 and 0.16.11.
    • Fixed that startup mod settings could be changed while in-game by clicking the label on checkboxes. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed that tooltip of disabled widgets didn't work.
    • Added greyed-out look to disabled textfield and checkbox to make it more clear that it isn't editable.
    • Fixed one of the curved rail segment visualizations wasn't aligned correctly. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed that the console could be opened in a paused game where it can't be interacted with.
    • Fixed issues of console in combination with technology GUI in multiplayer. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed changelogs (including mod changelogs) not properly displaying the "All" subversion for a version x.y when there was no version x.y.0. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed horizontal scroll pane scroller. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed that changing value in GameViewSettings in the Lua script didn't update the gui until the game was reloaded.
    • Fixed a crash when controller view is disabled. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed script error when destroying a chest in the supply scenario.
    • Fixed PvP production score price calculation.
    • Entities without an item-to-place can still be deconstructed if they are minable.
    • Added LuaPlayer::blueprint_to_setup read.
    • Changed default value of 'expires' when creating ghost through LuaSurface::create_entity from 'true' to 'false'.
    • Fixed invalid internal state + crashes when ghost without "expires = false" was created through the script when ghost time to live was 0. more[forums.factorio.com]

    You can get experimental releases by selecting the '0.16.x' beta branch under Factorio's properties in Steam.
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Discussion in 'Factorio' started by Factorio RSS Feed, Jan 3, 2018.

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