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farming old style

Discussion in 'Pure Farming 17' started by nick petersen, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. nick petersen

    nick petersen New Member

    i love Classic farming. because i find it good at relaxing to
  2. darkenedheart

    darkenedheart New Member

    yea classic farming is so calming to me too
  3. Dee

    Dee New Member

    Same here, reminds me of the things I used growing up..
  4. TheFuneralHost

    TheFuneralHost New Member

    No doubt there is something to appreciate with the old things, and just how hard a days works was with them :) We are fortunate in my area there are still many in use on smaller farms, though seems to get less and less each year....
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  5. jd4760

    jd4760 New Member

    that is the same here in canada. The small time 100 acres or less farmers are being pushed out my the big guys its hard to keep the old school way of farming going anymore
  6. danball1974

    danball1974 New Member

    old school farming with the follow me mod and my 560 wheatland special
    ihc and 560 row crop ihc

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