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FS17 Mod Support FreeWater 1.0

Water on a map will be free now

  1. Frenus

    Frenus New Member

    Frenus submitted a new download:

    FreeWater - Water on a map will be free now

    Read more about this download...
  2. LPG

    LPG New Member

    Funktioniert nicht zB. Bei den Schweinen an der Wasserstation wird noch Geld abgezogen[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Attached Files:

  3. Frenus

    Frenus New Member

    Just tried it at the pig area with the in game water trailer and the ZUNHAMMER UNIVERSAL V1.0.0.2 (which I presume is the water trailer you are using) and they both work great. Check your log for errors or a mod conflict
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  4. LPG

    LPG New Member

    Best thanks now it works
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  5. dj

    dj Testing Staff Testing Staff SOB Modding Wiki Contributor

    @ LPG may I ask what the problem was, to help other people in the future to solve it?
  6. LPG

    LPG New Member

    Have simply once again loaded the ZUNHAMMER UNIVERSAL V1.0.0.2 again and then suddenly went like a miracle
  7. AndaleTheGreat

    AndaleTheGreat New Member

    I like that this exists, but could there be a way to kinda "middle ground" this?
    You shouldn't have to pay for water from a well, lake or river, so if we made a Pump model could we create a placeable free water source? Personally I'd rather see lake/river filling disabled as I think it isn't what you'd do in real life.
    Just a thought. I'm glad to have this in the meantime tho.
  8. Doom

    Doom New Member

    Would be good if i had to pay only when i refill from a fill point rather than a natural water source... Useful and a great mod by the way
  9. Grant Anderson

    Grant Anderson New Member

    thx for the mod it makes it more realistic because in real life you don't have to pay for water if you are taking it from a river
  10. John A Beckert

    John A Beckert New Member

    I love this mod bc I think it's stupid that u have to pay for water

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