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Fs17 Mod Ideas

Discussion in 'FS 2017' started by Enzosnext, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. how about some sort of operator cab for a conveyor? maybe even with a "shovel" attacher that could pull potatoes or sugarbeets out of a pile and onto a conveyor.

    Like THIS
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  2. pops64

    pops64 New Member

    A fixed Jenz BA725, so that it actually sucks in the tree instead of pushing it in with a frontloader while we wait for Gaints to fix this one if they ever do. Increasing the internal capacity and showing on hud would be nice as well.
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  3. IrishFarmer93

    IrishFarmer93 New Member

    I would love if there were more two wheel drive tractors in the game, would be nice to use for jobs like feeding the animals and drawing in bales with a bale handler. Therefore I would love to see Simul8's Massey Ferguson 698 get converted to FS17 and would also love to see a David Brown 996 and Deutz-Fahr DX3.90 created. It would be nice if they had the same rusty beaten up look/style that Simul8's Massey has. If they could have a front loader attacher on them also that would be nice, the standard stoll front loader would be fine, no need to create a new loader. See images below.
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  4. haverdaden

    haverdaden New Member

    I would like to see a mod editor that can edit the mod prices and daily upkeep with just a single click.
    I know i can unzip the mod files now but I got quite a alot of mods that i wanna change the prices for and I might wanna test what's the best price each mod.
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  5. GrizzlyBearSims

    GrizzlyBearSims New Member PC-SG.uk Staff

    Mod Idea - Purchase Used Equipment

    In FS15, the rental/leasing mod was hugely beneficial and it was cool to see Giants incorporate that concept into the base game of FS17. I also enjoy purchasing brand new, shiny equipment from the dealer. But I feel there is still an important element missing and that is the ability to purchase used equipment.

    Now that Giants have factored in equipment aging and cost of ownership based on equipment aging, it would be cool to introduce yet another level in farm management and that being with the ability to purchase used equipment. As I'm not a modder, I have no idea how this would/could be accomplished. But just thinking out loud....

    When one needs to purchase a piece of equipment or machinery, they would have three options. #1 is purchase brand new. #2 Lease/Rent and #3 Purchase Used.

    Of course the benefits of a brand new purchase are lower maintenance costs etc. Leasing/Renting also has its benefits. But purchasing used would obviously have a lower purchase price, but of course a more expensive daily operating cost (as it should). It may not be financially the best decision to keep a used piece of equipment long term, but would provide a different level of immersion on the financial/business management side.

    Would any of the talented modders here at modding central be interested in tackling this? Is this even a good idea?

    Thank you for your time.
  6. BigJohnnyD

    BigJohnnyD Member

    I love this idea and would certainly make use of it if it was available. I also have the repair mod which, to my simple mind at least, is a good way of dealing with excessive maintenance costs. It seems natural to me that a farmer struggling to grow his business would buy second hand/used and do any repairs himself.
    I hope someone takes up this idea and runs with it.

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  7. Garvin Anbros

    Garvin Anbros Member

    I remember Gran Turismo 5 had a used dealership. I would put up random cars with random mileage and a price associated with the wear and tear. Don't see why they couldn't do that here.
  8. BigJohnnyD

    BigJohnnyD Member

    I would like to see a mod that adds root crops to the fill level page of the in-game hud. No matter where I tip potatoes and sugar-beet it always says 0 on the hud.
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  9. pops64

    pops64 New Member

    A better version of economy status scripts like Commodity Price(Formerly on Giants mod website has since disappeared) or price watch(FS-UK). What I mean by better for example Commodity price could use a striped background to make it easier to read and an option to turn off certain commodities (Like I could care less what hay and grass are selling for) I tried doing this myself but I give props to author for protecting his stuff. and Price watch doesn't give you enough information.
  10. id like to help in anyway i can on making on of these, i have all the hands on in real life you would ever need. we have the 8600i sitting in our barn

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  11. but

    but New Member

    how about a tractor pull sled for fs17 it does not have to be new it can be converted from fs15[​IMG]
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  12. but

    but New Member

    how bout a john deere model D with a plow[​IMG] model d
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  13. but

    but New Member

    [​IMG] This is a big john deere two cylinder tractor.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2017
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  14. TommyLadd17

    TommyLadd17 Member

    something i would love to see is a slurry umbilical system. Not just the reel but like a dynamic pipe that could be used properly with a dribble bar and all that. It would be something completely new and i think a lot of people would be interested.
    However i dont know the best way to go about it, whether the bone system would be usable to make the pipe dynamic? or would it be easier to make a pipe similar to a chain, where its made up of lots of smaller pieces that have a dynamic joint to each other. either way its something i would love to see.
  15. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    There was a similar system in FS13 that was epic (mod contest) and there is a system thaty we have used that is available here
  16. irshgaming

    irshgaming Active Member

    that would be cool
  17. but

    but New Member

    i like the used tractor etc bying thing
  18. Ian M4850

    Ian M4850 Member

    I saw a video on You Tube a while back of a harvest in the US. They had a "chaser bin" attached to the combine and the combines' pipe was emptying into it as it harvested:
    It seems like a thing we could use now that some huge US style maps are turning up.
  19. randy21550

    randy21550 New Member

    there is a mod i would love to find in fs17 a inline bale wrapper

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Just a Few pics for ideas .
  20. willfraz

    willfraz New Member

    I'd love to have more placeable metal buildings, like most ones that have to be placed into maps through GE, just saves time.

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