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Fs17 Mod Ideas

Discussion in 'FS 2017' started by Enzosnext, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. but

    but New Member

  2. but

    but New Member

    [​IMG]Can somebody make a plow for the john deere model A Farmall 300 and Oliver HG
  3. but

    but New Member

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  4. Scastle32

    Scastle32 New Member

    Would it be possible for a modder to create a flat bed for the semi? It could have retractable legs ( i.e. The terra variant attachments) and hook up to the king pin like the trailer. You could make a pack out of it and have, extra fuel tank, sprayer refill tank. I play on console so I don't get all the good modded trucks to pull with so I basically use a semi and attachments like this would be benificial. Also could some one make a flat bed attachment for the terra variant?

    Just an idea would love to hear feed back
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  5. DonG

    DonG New Member

    I really miss the opportunity to drive a proper old massey ferguson 35 :/ I dont know why so many play arround with the IMT copy for some reason but this mod have been missing in all the years i played :([​IMG]
  6. Matthew Graves

    Matthew Graves New Member

    would there be any way to put gravity irrigation into the game? or be able to get pivots in?
  7. Dee

    Dee New Member

    I would love to see mint added as a mod, since we grow it , and all trailors and harvesters and stills to go with it.
  8. but

    but New Member

    yes and cotton
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  9. codysmith1

    codysmith1 New Member

    I thought of one where you can swath your crops and come back later with a pickup header and pick it up and it actually like real life, I made a post just waiting to be approved
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  10. dwills96

    dwills96 New Member

    Would love to see public Wheel rakes
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  11. ketatrypt

    ketatrypt New Member

    I would love to see a sicklebar mower/conditioner. They are very common on smaller farms here in Ontario, because of their lower power requirements (and I guess prices?) then the disc/drum mowers. Here is a 2m mower conditioner being powered by a MF with less then 50hp.

    If anyone knows of a good sicklebar moco, let me know! I have not seen anything other then self propelled windrowers which use the sicklebar mower/conditioner tech.

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