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Fs17 Mod Ideas

Discussion in 'FS 2017' started by Enzosnext, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. Nikos

    Nikos New Member

    Indeed, I use straps constantly when stacking on a trailer. I mean I put a bale, I strap it, I put the next, I unstrap-strap etc. but that's not an option when stacking at a storage place, like a barn. Putting the next bale could destroy the stack and much time of work. What I do is saving the game after a bale is placed on the stack successfully. Not really efficient but the only workaround I could find. I don't know if someone has a better method.
  2. FDNY E7T1B1

    FDNY E7T1B1 New Member

    bucket truck that u can get in the bucket
  3. gleaner86

    gleaner86 New Member

    I would love to have all allis chalmers big and small and the same with gleaners
  4. Dusten Kocher

    Dusten Kocher New Member

    how about a hay grinder. works the same as the in game mod but looks more like the ones used in the U.S. to grind large amounts of hay for feed.

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  5. but

    but New Member

    how bout a farmall m john deere 830 820 80 r d waterloo boy allis b c ca and a plow for a trailer type hitch
  6. John A Beckert

    John A Beckert New Member

    Chains on lowboys to lock down ur load would be awesome
  7. but

    but New Member

  8. Biggieinc

    Biggieinc New Member

    I would love to see a Hesston 60B Stackhand


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