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Fs17 Mod Search + Suggestion Box

Discussion in 'FS 2017' started by Enzosnext, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. Hunter lindemann

    Hunter lindemann New Member

    I'm looking for a mod that makes it so that you can pick up any fruit type with the surger beat machine not the harvester can anyone help me pls
  2. dwills96

    dwills96 New Member

    Are there any good wheel rakes out there?
  3. jd4760

    jd4760 New Member

    I am looking for some old school agco products like white tractors or allis chalmers i have the older massey pack and olivers just looking for more of a selection
  4. Jack Snow

    Jack Snow New Member

    i wonder if anyone would be able to make a ploeger MKC-4TR coriander harvester, a "hack" overloader, and mods for being able to plant new crops (like coriander), peas, holmer agrifac hexx traxx sugarbeet harvester and some sort of compact combine harvester for our small farms...

    don't know if i can post links. you can find videos of all the machines on youtube...
  5. Rejiceman

    Rejiceman New Member

    Anyone know where I can get a good Gravity flow wagon for FS17? I had some good ones in 13, but haven't been able to find any yet for 17
  6. SgtMajor

    SgtMajor New Member

    Mod Suggestion and a Mod Search..........

    Suggestion - LOVE S.O.B.'s Old style placeable windmill.....but it would be terrific if you could place it next to animal water troughs so it would keep the trough full and you no longer had to haul water!!

    I'm looking for a silo that I can store grass or hay in. There must be something out there.....or perhaps it's even something easy to modify the XML file....but I haven't had much luck as yet.

  7. Johnny Vee

    Johnny Vee New Member

    There has been several placeable hay lofts out there, some store more than others. Here is a link to the one I use, hope this helps.

    Cheers John
  8. Jack Snow

    Jack Snow New Member

  9. SgtMajor

    SgtMajor New Member

    Johnny Vee & Jack Snow.....many...MANY thanks for the reply and I'll look at both the links provided. I did find work around that seems to be going well. I found a place-able fire hydrant I was able to locate near the water trough and parked my water trailer close enough to fill the trough and re-fill the trailer at the same time. That will work. For the grass......I purchased the largest forage trailer and loaded it with grass and parked it in the barn for the winter. Now that spring is here I'm using from the trailer and should be able to purchase a couple more this season. I think the grass in the trailer should hold out to get me into the mid summer where I can harvest more grass. (smile)
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