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FS17 MR (Beta)

Discussion in 'FS 2017' started by Enzosnext, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    The following is an extract from Dural himself about his beta project for FS17 MR (Beta) which can be found here:

    Dural's Google Drive Link

    Contrary to MR11 and 13, I decided not to play the game (modified by "MR") to test it before releasing it.
    By the moment, only these categories have been "converted" (ported to "mr") :
    - harvesters
    - potatoes
    - plows
    - fertilizer spreaders
    - tractors
    - combine headers
    - sugarbeet
    - cultivators
    - trailers
    - sowing machines (seeders)
    - trucks
    - overloaders
    - sprayers
    - weeders
    - header trailers
    - cars
    - ballast

    For those who love figures, you can find 3 files in the "data" subfolder of the moreRealistic mod folder :
    - "fillTypes.xml" = override densities and prices of "fillTypes"
    - "fruitTypes.xml" = override yield, seed usage, windrow
    - "TyresFrictionAndRrTable.xml" = friction and rolling resistance settings function of the tire type

    I forgot to say : no more "mr vehicle pack" and "genuine map" to download. Everything embedded within 1 zip and mostly script/xml, so it is rather light for the moment (less than 1Mbyte)
    Link to my google drive =>

    Should be "MP Ready" even if I didn't really tested it [​IMG]

    Note : you can play "mr" with no "mr" vehicle but :
    - you get real filltype masses by playing "mr" and so, "not mr" vehicles may not appreciate it
    - attaching a "not mr" tractor with a "mr" implement = may be harder for the tractor, but since they are overpowered, it should handle it with less speed than with the "not mr" implement version
    - attaching a "mr" tractor with a "not mr" implement = it should be ok, but the "mr" tractor could be driven by the implement (because "not mr" vehicles have totally irreal ground friction)

    Note 2 : i am not responsible if your computer explode by using the mod (should not, but... anyway, the "mr" does not mess with the savegame file, and so, you should not lose your game)

    Description of the mod

    So, what's different in this version compared to the base game ?
    - you are driving farming equipment, not pretending to [​IMG]
    - real masses for vehicles and content
    - rolling resistance (takes into account ground type and wheel type, and wheel width and wheel radius)
    - air resistance
    - transmission efficiency
    - real engine torque curve (even if this is not really useful with CVT transmission, we have the correct rpm like IRL)
    - real acceleration (no more rocket launch start)
    - new CVT transmission that manages the engine rpm according to power demand (less power = less rpm, engine brake needed = more rpm)
    - no more "glue" tyre with more than 2 times what we can expect IRL (in the base game, with a 5T tractor, you can expect having as more tractive power as a 10T tractor IRL... if not more)
    - duals, weight, wide tyre do have an incidence in game now (for example : larger tyre = better in field, but not on the road)
    - you have to choose "carefully" your implement/tractor set (especially if you have "sloppy" fields)
    - realistic fuel consumption based on power delivered (and rpm at which the power is delivered) (base game = fuel only depends on "rpm" = you consume more fuel on the road, empty, at full speed than in a field with a bigcultivator)
    - engine power is now useful on combine (no more "smart" to use a bigger header on a smaller combine). The lesser the yield, the easier for the combine (limits are set by the combine "max capacity", the speed limit of the header and the engine power)
    - when unloading, a combine does use power too !
    - real brake force applied to the correct wheels (no more combines braking with all the wheels like a car)
    - beware : like IRL, don't trust what is written on the hood of a tractor (example : a nh T6.160 is not at the same level as a "160Hp" tractor)
    - pretty realistic tyre slipping (I had to make concessions to get this one right, and so, the vehicles can slide easily laterally. Indeed, the tractive power is defined by the longitudinal and lateral caracteristic of the tyre. This is a limitation of the game engine)
    - Balancing of "fruit" yields and prices (potatoes and beet are more rewarding, there is no more a greater yield for barley than corn, ... modification take into account real figures + equipment needed + manual/automated work needed, seeds needed and refilling time, time lost emptying harvester and carting the product)
    - Close to real figures for seeding densities (less liter of seeds needed to sow one hectare of rape than one hectare of wheat)
    - Base game converted vehicles should have better "off road" capabilities than in the base game (especially true for wider equipment = combine harvester or tractors with wide implement) -> extended use of "component spring joint"
    - No more infinite engine braking force (you can't "over speed" an engine with the base game) -> with "mr", the transmission and engine will try to retains the vehicle, but like IRL, if you don't use your brakes, you have to drive down in low gear to avoid accident [​IMG]
    - Real weight and weight distribution for converted base game vehicles

    MR base game comparison

    transmission = true CVT, not a full-powershift with lightening speed change and dozens speed ratios.
    fuel consumption, case quadtrac 620
    * base game = more than 340Liter per hour at full speed (empty, no implement) => engine with more than 1700Hp IRL [​IMG]
    * MR = 56L/H at full speed (28T empty)
    seed consumption
    * base game = as much as 400L per Ha for sugarbeet !!! (base game seeder = Amazone EDC => only 0.6Ha before refilling !)
    * real data = closer to 4-5L per Ha (which means you can sow more than 40Ha with the Amazone)
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  2. ShermyPermy

    ShermyPermy Captain Break It Staff Member Media Staff SOB Modding

    AAH YEAH now we are starting to talk about farming again.
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  3. jamespants

    jamespants New Member

    Loving this! Even with FS17 I occasionally found myself trying FS13 + MR.

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  4. Rondo

    Rondo Member

    i wonder? Do i need to place a mr_xml in the "converted xml"of a mod that read MR? Example....i have downloaded a fend harvester that is converted ,so do i have to put a mr xml in the Mr xml database folder of this mod?
  5. dj

    dj Testing Staff Testing Staff SOB Modding Wiki Contributor

    so you only downloaded an xml file?

    then you have to unzip the mod,
    rename the folder to mr_modname (no spaces)
    then replace the xml file in that mod folder with the one you downloaded (best to make the downloaded xml file the same name as the xml file in the mods folder)
    Zip the mod back up
    test if it works ingame.
  6. Rondo

    Rondo Member

    i downloaded the entire mod as a converted to mr mod.there is no separate .xml file , just the mod.
  7. Ian M4850

    Ian M4850 Member

    This has got to be the best mod I have ever installed; OK equal with Seasons.
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