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Game Extension

Discussion in 'Game Scripts' started by Xentro, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Troy

    Troy New Member

    the Fruit Growth During Mission's is not in vers 2.0 does it still work did not see where to turn on or off
  2. cbharvesting

    cbharvesting New Member

    I think a good addition would be a lease to buy option. It's awesome that 17 implemented the ability to lease equipment now, I just think it would be nice and more realistic if you were able to purchase the equipment you have leased after a certain period of time just as you would be able to in real life. Generally its base on amount per year x number of years (generally 3) then you have the option to trade up to a newer one and keep leasing or purchase that thing. Great job on the mod so far its amazing.
  3. Jac

    Jac New Member

    Really enjoying this mod especially crops still growing during missions (I like running missions), I was wondering if you could put in an option to turn off needing to clean the animals, it was a fun mechanic at first but now it's just a pain so being able to turn it off would be nice!
  4. Knut A.

    Knut A. Member NI Modding Wiki Contributor

    Maybe ability to shut off cost of water? Where I live we dont pay for water for the animals, it comes from natural wells.
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  5. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Disco covered that recently in a Monday modding episode, or what I now call it, "Giants upset me so I will fix it Mondays"

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  6. Disco

    Disco Media Staff Staff Member Media Staff SOB Modding

    thats awesome lmao :D
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  7. Knut A.

    Knut A. Member NI Modding Wiki Contributor

    Well that helps fixing the placeable, and thats all good but: The triggers on maps still want money. I dont want to pay, in adition to that I don't want to edit all the maps I play on. :):D:rolleyes:
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2016
  8. Disco

    Disco Media Staff Staff Member Media Staff SOB Modding

    same script dude ;)

    nothing worth having comes easy :p lol
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  9. Knut A.

    Knut A. Member NI Modding Wiki Contributor

    Thats why I think it would be better to have it as a function in Game extention so that you could switch it on or off.
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  10. Disco

    Disco Media Staff Staff Member Media Staff SOB Modding

    So.... someday's you'd like to pay for water, other days you'd like it free? :p lol
  11. Ian M4850

    Ian M4850 Member

    Be really cool if you could toggle different sources on and off so you could for example pay for water from a hydrant or water tower, free from those water trough thingies and the such-

    Another idea or two for the game extension:
    Darker nights. It is just not that light at night in the countryside!
    Wouldn't it be nice if the sunrise/sunset times could be fiddled with a bit. Long dark winter nights and shorter summer nights.
    Any chance of being able to turn off the food clean up and have the good old mucking out back.

    I note that some of the suggestions get a "been done" kind of comment. But wouldn't it be good if the suggestion was implemented in the extension so we only have to have to one mod and not a handful of them to do the same. Mods: Less = better!
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  12. ShowMeDirt

    ShowMeDirt New Member

    In response to maintenance....
    Agreed with above^^^^^^^ How about a global based on how many and age of your equipment monthly...
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  13. BigJohnnyD

    BigJohnnyD Member

    I'm all for a monthly service/maintenance agreement with the local garage/dealer or even employing a mechanic for a hefty wage (once the farm can afford it) rather than have the value of my equipment drop quicker than a "night lady's" underwear! ;)

    I use the repair mod for now but even that works out quite expensive. I'd love to pull say a tractor and plough/cultivator/seeder or whatever into a garage building on my farm and have to wait say 6 hours or so before I could get it back again all nice and clean and with most of it's value still intact.

  14. Jeytav

    Jeytav New Member

    One thing I have been missing in every single FS game is more currencies and working currencies and think that it would be a nice feature in this mod.

    The idea would be to give the player the choice to decide between several currencies besides the standard 3 we have(USD, Euro and British pound) and have the amount of money you have and prices for different stuff change according to whatever that currency is worth compared to the Euro(imo the euro should be the base value) So if you start out with €10.000 Euro in a new save game and then change to USD then you'll have $10363 USD and the price for Fendt 300 would change from €111.000 Euro to $115040 USD

    Not sure how big a task this would be but hopefully it's not too big :)
  15. ballenti

    ballenti New Member

    it would be nice to be able to pick up something and be able to rotate the object and place it where you want it like stacking bales

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