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FS17 Mod Support Game Extension

Extend the base game.

  1. Dzi4d3k

    Dzi4d3k New Member

    Checking in VEHICLE.lua looks that there is code for:
    - engine stoped/started
    - pre heating
    - tip sides of trailer

    However pre heating has TODO clause, and I hope it will be compatible with Drive Control.
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  2. Eemhuus Farming

    Eemhuus Farming New Member

    maybe a stupid question , but when i create a game for multiplayer, i have to enter the admin password! What do you mean by this? I am not on a dedicated server.. and i don't know what password you mean by this?
    and a question. Can you maybe insert a password hider in the escape menu? so my subscribers cant see it?
    Greetings Eemhuus!
  3. joshmiller83

    joshmiller83 New Member

    I asked this same question and am talking with Xentro in PMs. Hopefully he can figure out how this can work in Local MP and Not Only on Dedicated Servers. :(
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  4. Bungal341

    Bungal341 New Member

    Dont understand it yet but looks really cool
  5. Hans J DEN

    Hans J DEN New Member

    When is free to download? I can't seem to find it.
    Looking forward to the part of saving the settings. A great mod.
  6. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Many things are going on in behind the scenes updating this mod, an update will only be ready when things are ready, please be patient
  7. Baldb0b

    Baldb0b New Member

    Ok so it put the zip file for Game Extension in the mods folder started my game when I selected map it was not in the mods for me to turn activate. Did I do it right?
  8. Dzi4d3k

    Dzi4d3k New Member

    Which version of FS17 do you have? Make sure that you have patch 1.3.1.
  9. Mistermoose

    Mistermoose New Member

    Hi gang, I know this mod has multiplayer functionality built in, but does it work on a dedicated server? I tried it this week and ran into several issues. Disabling Vehicle Tabbing only prevents the individual user from tabbing and the Chainsaw function did not limit to only admins.

    Additionally, there was bug with the chainsaw where you could fall a tree but not trim the limbs. This wasn't an issue in single player so I am wondering if this is all an issue due to trying to use the mod on a dedicated server.
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  10. Ag Hauler

    Ag Hauler New Member

    I am just learning the functionality of this mod and must say that this is awesome for taking screenshots and various other little things that bring realism to the game. Thank You
    I just have one question. I see Farmers Touch on here but I don't quite understand what it is or what it does. Could I get a bit of an explanation of this?
  11. Carl

    Carl Site Fiddler Staff Member SOB Modding

    Farmers Touch shows the crop growth state in the lower left side of your screen when your walking in field.
    (note at the moment it will only show state of harvest able crops but will eventually show each growth stage)
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  12. Baldb0b

    Baldb0b New Member

    thank you a quick update and all is good :)
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  13. nevill_37

    nevill_37 New Member

    Hi guys, with the current version is it possible to get the dynamic hoses module working? If so what do i need to do?
  14. Dzi4d3k

    Dzi4d3k New Member

    Dynamic hoses mod for FS17 isn't released yet.
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  15. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Sorry but dynamic hoses are out and available with the Manual Attaching mod
  16. Xentro

    Xentro Active Member Honorable Member Wiki Editor

    Correction, manual attaching mod supports dynamic hose but thats all and as Dzi4d3k wrote its not released yet but will be once I sorted some bits.
  17. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Doh :oops:
  18. killefit

    killefit New Member

    Xentro, on your site you wrote that v0.4.0.0 is released since 2017-01-21 but your download link points to Where can i get the v0.4.0.0?
  19. Nestoche

    Nestoche New Member

    Hi Xentro, Sorry to hear you won't be modding anymore for Farming Simulator. Very sad to hear. I wish you luck whatever you decide to do. And I want to thank you for this excellent mod you gave to the FS community..I very much appreciated.

    Last edited: Feb 12, 2017
  20. Dzi4d3k

    Dzi4d3k New Member

    Indeed it is a great shame that another great modder is leaving FS community. All the best for you Xentro whatever you decide to do in your live.

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