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FS17 Mod Support Game Extension

Extend the base game.

  1. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Game Extension has now been released in it's final state of V0.4.0.0 to Modhub, LINK
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  2. GrizzlyBearSims

    GrizzlyBearSims New Member PC-SG.uk Staff

    Hello Mistermoose. I can confirm that the Game Extension Mod does work fine on a dedicated server. We're not doing much forestry on the map we're currently playing so I can't speak specifically to the issue you describe. But we're using many of the features such as time scale at night, farmers touch, AI hireable features etc.

    The updated 4.0 version has been active on the server for about two days without any issues reported. It's a shame Xentro has decided to give up on modding. I'm afraid this wonderful mod may become an issue with more FS17 game patches etc. But for now all appears to be working fine.
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  3. bigdaddy012678

    bigdaddy012678 New Member

    I am enjoying your game extension mod. I am not sure if this is the proper place and if it is not feel free to move it to where it should be located. My question is, would it be possible to add to this mod the ability to toggle on/off the leasing of vehicles? I am not a script writer, however I do play on a dedicated server where I believe this option would be useful.

  4. Dzi4d3k

    Dzi4d3k New Member

    Unfortunately version is causing following error on dedicated server side only:
    Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
    dataS/scripts/gui/elements/MultiTextOptionElement.lua(104) : bad argument #1 to 'min' (number expected, got nil)
    Error is shown only after first player join server after restart, but everything seems to function correctly.
    Tested on vanilla GCV with only Game Extension mod enable. Version hasn't this error.
  5. Xentro

    Xentro Active Member Honorable Member Wiki Editor

    I need more information, step by step, fluke? well anything really that can be useful as this error can point to anything in the gui code.
  6. Dzi4d3k

    Dzi4d3k New Member

    Well, I suppose, but the simplest steps to recreate issue:
    1. Start new savegame on dedicated server on GCV map.
    2. Join as client.
    3. Error will be displayed on server side only after firs player joined game, there is no actions required.

    Error appears only once after server start/restart.

    I'm not sure how I can help more. I'll be happy to help, just give me suggestions what I can do.
  7. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    No error like that on our dedicated server (A modded version of Gemeinde Rade) ;)
  8. Dzi4d3k

    Dzi4d3k New Member

    It happens only once after fresh server start. Observed with two maps GCV and SandyBay. No other mods where activated.
  9. lctking

    lctking New Member

  10. Xentro

    Xentro Active Member Honorable Member Wiki Editor

    Do you get it on the default map?

    Is it only for sugar beet or can it be reproduced with any other crop that is at 100% in growth?
  11. lctking

    lctking New Member

    only sugar beet, i have tested on potato, barley, wheat, rape, corn without problem. when the crop (sugar beet) is mature for harvest (color yellow or orange in PDA), walk in the field become very lag and no percentage display in farmer touch, only the crop name sugar beet. the error is same to the Giant website's post.
  12. Dzi4d3k

    Dzi4d3k New Member

    As I wrote, I've reproduced error on Gold Crest Valley map on patch 1.4.2 with only one mod activated - Game Extension. Not tested yest on patch 1.4.4.
  13. Bigmack

    Bigmack New Member

    There is a major issue when tabbing to vehicles or to fields, then you go to a harvest ready of beets. The hud will not show anything. My FPS went from 60 to 5 when I got onto the field. The other fields are fine, just the beets.
  14. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Please upload your game log
  15. Vanquish081

    Vanquish081 Member

    Where change interval for this feature? Line 293 in VEHICLE.LUA?
    I believe that this feature isn't necessary.

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2017
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  16. ShermyPermy

    ShermyPermy Captain Break It Staff Member Media Staff SOB Modding

    I believe that drive control is doing that and not game extension.
  17. Farmer26

    Farmer26 Member

    Hello, i was wondering about the same, how to change the interval. You pointed me the specific line. After some tests and changes i set it to
    local dt = g_currentMission.time % 7000
    and now the filltype shows only for a moment and the number stays almost all the time. Exactly what i wanted. Thank you!

    Hello, for sure it comes from the Game Extension. I had the drive control a long time before the game extension and i didn't have this feature. It came with game extension and was a pleasant surprise. After some use, i was wondering how to change the time interval, but now i am happy :)
  18. PromGames

    PromGames Member

    Thanks, I have also the same problem when harvesting chaff and wants to know when 100% is reached but the crop info is also appearing. This will solve the issue.
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  19. Vanquish081

    Vanquish081 Member

    If you change for "1", no show filltype, only capacity.
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  20. Farmer26

    Farmer26 Member

    Hehe, the 1st i did was changing it to 1000. Again the filltype didn't show but i wanted it to show just for a little time, like it is now :).
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