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FS17 Mod Support Game Extension

Extend the base game.

  1. Ziuta

    Ziuta New Member

    When the helper finishes work, theoretically, he turns off the engine, but you hear the engine running and you see smoke but you can not drive. You must turn off the engine yourself and turn it on again to be able to drive. The problem no longer occurs when I turn on the helper and leave it alone to finish the job, then turns off the engine properly.
  2. Razvan Luca

    Razvan Luca New Member

    Hello, I have a problem with plant growth option from ingame menu. I have plant growth during missions set ON, but after missions, and not always, the plant growth from ingame menu is turn off, set to none, and I need to constantly check it and turn it back on. I can do like 4-5 missions and plant growth stays on "normal", then do 1 more and plant growth is turn to none. I'll upload my log file, if you see any mod conflicts please tell me, or any other fix will be apreciated. Thank you.

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  3. Ian M4850

    Ian M4850 Member

    How does one turn off the Text "fill type" in the Vehicle HUD, the one in the bottom right of the screen that shows speed of travel, what your trailer/implement is filled with.
    I know what is in the trailer and the constant change between the fill type and the fill amount is more a distraction than a help. Can it be disabled? Could you make it an option in the menu in a forth coming update?
    Screen dump of the part i refer to. :) fsScreen_2018_02_12_14_10_08.png fsScreen_2018_02_12_14_10_15.png

    Hope you can help and thanks for a great mod.
  4. Ziuta

    Ziuta New Member

    Open the mod settings window ("i" key) and in the second column it is the last option.
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