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FS17 Mod Support Glance

Notification-and-status utility

  1. Decker_MMIV

    Decker_MMIV Member Honorable Member Wiki Contributor

    Decker_MMIV submitted a new download:

    Glance - Notification-and-status utility

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  2. pops64

    pops64 New Member

    Thanks this great mod. Just a few questions or suggestions. Would it be possible if a higher level notification overrides a lower level so you don't have the switching back and forth of text unless their of the same level(I personally don't like blinking text unless its super important). And speaking of blinking text is it possible to have sowing machines only display seed info and not both or at least have an option to choose? Thanks again.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
  3. Decker_MMIV

    Decker_MMIV Member Honorable Member Wiki Contributor

    Could you supply some example of how/where this should apply?
    Perhaps you could put those notification-types into their own columns?
    So instead of:
    <column  enabled="true"  contains="ActiveTask;EngineOn;DirtAmount"  align="left"    minWidthText="" />
    <column  enabled="true"  contains="ActiveTask"                      align="left"    minWidthText="" />
    <column  enabled="true"  contains="EngineOn"                        align="left"    minWidthText="" />
    <column  enabled="true"  contains="DirtAmount"                      align="left"    minWidthText="" />

    I got a similar question regarding the fill-types. - But would it ONLY be for sowing-machines, or should it apply to all possible equipment?

    Since FS17 introduced sowing-machines which could contain both 'seeds' and 'fertilizer', it is a bit of a new situation to account for. - What should happen when the 'fertilizer'-tank of a sowing-machine runs empty? Hmm? I actually have never tested that scenario in Glance for FS17.
  4. pops64

    pops64 New Member

    So an example be lets go with who controls the device Column 1. At the moment if you have CP and you in the same vehicle it will switch back and forth between the Courseplay and your nickname what I was interested in is if you have your config file set up like
            <notification  enabled="true"  type="controlledByPlayer"        level="4"   color="white" />
            <notification  enabled="true"  type="controlledByCourseplay"    level="7"   color="blue" />
    A level 7 alert would only show the vehicle as controlled by course play even if I am currently in the same vehicle. And if I would want to keep the default behavior I would just set them both to level 4.

    This leads to sowing machines that if the notifications for fertilizer and seed level were split you could set them to different levels. Like you have the low level alert split for theses. This also would let you set alerts at higher levels so say if the fertilizer level got to low on a sowing machine it would override showing you the seed level and alert you to a low fertilizer level.

    Hopes this clarifies things. Thanks for reading

    P.S Thought of another suggestion is it possible to detect the current big bags level and display. Like you do with bunker silo's and green houses. It sucks when they disappear on you. :D

    Edit: Easier way of explaining it. How you have the colors coded. When a level 11 alert is set at red. and level 5 alert is set at orange. Only the red shows it doesn't switch colors on you.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2017
  5. Decker_MMIV

    Decker_MMIV Member Honorable Member Wiki Contributor

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