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Ideas for a new type of map.

Discussion in 'Map Making' started by Ian M4850, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Ian M4850

    Ian M4850 Member

    Lets get this straight from the get go. I am not a modder or map maker. I know this due to every single thing I have tried has failed beyond belief.
    Ideas I have the skill sets to pull them off..... Nope. So I will just put these ideas out there and maybe there are people that can figure out if it would even be possible....
    So if you are still reading after that bit, I'll get to the point.
    My understanding is that in the latest version of the Map Editor there are more and more "prefab" things that can just be dropped into a map. Interesting.
    I also hear that all trees can be set up so that they can all be cut down.
    This gave me food for thought. "could these things mean that a whole new type of map could be made.
    There are some stunning maps out there but they all have limitations. Without use of the editor if a fence or a hedge is in the way you cant plough two fields together.

    If trees can be set up so they can be saw down and the stump removed would it be possible to do the same with bushes and the such? Make them a placeable object even. A bit like the trees you plant to make wood chips with. (I even think that they regrow now, like a real one would....though that might be a part of another mod. but it can be done it would seam).

    Envisage a map that has the terrain and the basic infrastructure Sell points, and the like.
    Everything else a placeable object. Even the farm buildings. You get to chose how big the fields need to be, their shape and where the gates are. If you could choose where you wanted which animal that would be even better.

    I know that it all sounds very far out but is it? One basic map with nothing but rolling hills or vast planes that you get to build into the farm you want it to be, without going near the editor program....
    So that's my little dream, what are your thoughts...
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  2. Dee

    Dee New Member

    I also think this would cool, use like a realtor system, Then when you set the Building, it takes time to build, like the slow bee pack.
  3. Ian M4850

    Ian M4850 Member

    Me again, Sorry lol
    I was wondering. Plants. There are some great maps that have loads of plants at the road sides and hedgerows...However, when you cut the grass in which they are growing, you do just that. Cut the grass, the flowers/weeds stay put.
    So far so good. In the original American map from the game, the stars and stripes grow in the grass in one of the fields.. this is done by the red white and blue flowers are a 'brush' in the map editor. So you can have flowers that grow, can get cut and grow back.... and get ploughed in. One of the 'issues' I have is join two fields together and that strip of weeds and plants remain. Grr!
    Does anyone have the knowhow to make the other wild flowers on a map in the same way. I can only see it as a big improvement. Especially now that the Seasons mod is here.
  4. Dee

    Dee New Member

    I would like to get in touch with a map maker, to talk about making a map of my home town, and the farm we worked as a kid. My kids and grandkids allways ask if the map we play is like it. Alas I have to say "Not quite" .

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