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FS15 WIP Inter Fan's W.I.P

Discussion in 'Implements and Tools' started by Inter Fan, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Inter Fan

    Inter Fan Member

    Hello Modding Central, i'm a Dutch "Modder" i'f you would like to call it like that.
    i'm specialised in drawing and some texturing.

    This is my first post, and also my first W.I.P thread because I want you're opinion on what i'm doing and creating.

    Than about the model, Kemp is a dutch fabricant of farm equipment. The model is around 80% finished in this stadium.


    The second model is from a more familiar company called Schuitemaker, no not the Rapide but the Perfecta a liquid manure barrel for smal farmers.


    I hope you like it!

    Greetings Inter Fan
  2. dj

    dj Testing Staff Testing Staff SOB Modding Wiki Contributor

    Hi Inter Fan, nice to see that you have found our site, another Dutch guy.

    I have seen quite a few pictures of your work on fs-community.

    You make nice models, you are allowed to make seperate wip topics for both models, they look very promissiong, much better then what I can make.

    What program are you using to make your models?

    I will ask @Enzosnext to pronounce the brand name of the slurry spreader in TS. at least this time he cannot say "loader wagon" hehe

    Keep up the good work, I'll be following the progress
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  3. Inter Fan

    Inter Fan Member

    Yeah, found the site because I was looking for the small farming package :p.

    I thaught this as a beter option, cause i draw quite a lot, and otherwise there would be an enormous amout of topics :D So probably this is beter.

    Models are made in Ac3d, not the best program but works for me.

    Let me know the TS chanel, I'm curios of his pronaunciation now!

    Greetings Inter Fan
  4. ShermyPermy

    ShermyPermy Captain Break It Staff Member Media Staff SOB Modding

    Hey interfan the models look great. Do you already have ideas for functions or are you going for normal ingame functions

    And yes i can also not wait fir enzo to break his yaw trying to say them nice dutch words haha

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  5. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Simple, slurry tanker ;)
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  6. Inter Fan

    Inter Fan Member

    Thanks @ShermyPermy! For functions I want to add as much as I can for example the top part of the balefork is going to be working with Hardpoint.
    For the manure barrel it is a different story, the model is a lot more complicated and I don't think I can finish it with the skills I have got now. But i'm eager to learn so probably it would come but I do not know when.

    Greetings Inter Fan

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