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FS17 WIP Krone BiG Pack 4x4 HighSpeed

Discussion in 'SOB Modding' started by Carl, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Carl

    Carl Site Fiddler Staff Member SOB Modding


    Krone BiG Pack 4x4 HighSpeed

    Modified version of Farming Simulator 2013's Krone BiG Pack 1290, the Krone BiG Pack 4x4 HighSpeed is a shining example of exceptional baling density, output and convenience.

    Designed to impress the BiG Pack 4 x 4 produces the world‘s biggest square bales & delivers exceptional performance in straw, hay and other crops the world over.
    This big baler has a massive baling chamber measuring 4 x 4 ft (120 x 130 cm) and produces bales at 120 x 120 x 240 cm.

    A flywheel weighing more than 600 kg (1,323 lbs) and the powerful main gearbox press the material through the baling chamber at up to 38 strokes/minute – powerfully and gently at the same time. These massive bales are ideal for use both on the farm and in industrial applications.


    Price - 110,000
    Upkeep - 190 per day
    Power requirement - 180 HP
    Bale Dimensions - 120cm x 120cm x 240cm
    Bale Volume - 6000L
    Weight - 8,212 Kg (reduced for game)
    Tires - Trelleborg 600/50 R22.5
    Axle - Tandem with rear steer assist





    New Bale vs Giants Standard!


    Model - Giants, re-scaled by Carl @ SOB Modding
    Textures - Giants/Carl @ SOB Modding
    In-Gaming - Carl @ SOB Modding
    Script - Xentro

    Current Stage - Testing & Final Tweeks
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2017
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  2. dj

    dj Testing Staff Testing Staff SOB Modding Wiki Contributor

    a big bale.............for a big baler pack.

    ohhhh. I do not count..
  3. GTFarming

    GTFarming New Member

  4. PromGames

    PromGames Member

    I was looking for the translation of OLF. What does mean?
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  5. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

  6. ShermyPermy

    ShermyPermy Captain Break It Staff Member Media Staff SOB Modding

    Yeah that dictionary and stuff is all nice and dandy but in this case the #OLF means One Lonley Farmer.
    He is a youtuber that uses the same bigbaler in real life for baling mulch hay
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  7. Carl

    Carl Site Fiddler Staff Member SOB Modding

    Actually Wes has the 1290 HDP. ;)
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  8. Carl

    Carl Site Fiddler Staff Member SOB Modding

    Little bit of an update for you all.

    I have a working version of this now in-game but things need to be adjusted, tweaked and further tested.

    I am currently looking at possibly re-texturing it to bring the textures to an FS17 standard, however this means learning a whole new process of texturing in Maya.
    I have all the software to do it but never been any good so stopped, i'm now doing an online course to learn more. :)

    I spent so much time in FS15 messing with less important parts of the extreme bailing pack that I want to do this one right!
    Hopefully have some results in the next few days!!

    Stay Tuned!
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  9. GTFarming

    GTFarming New Member

    sweet carl - if its anything like the other mods the OEB/SOB team have done then it will be awesome
  10. Carl

    Carl Site Fiddler Staff Member SOB Modding

    Update #2

    Not much has been done on this unfortunately due to being on a last minute training course with work.
    I have been working with the textures in Photoshop & Maya but am struggling a little, Maya is a b***h

    I'm back home now so will work on them a little more and see what the results are.
    Stay tuned.
  11. Josh(NL)

    Josh(NL) New Member

    looks great that baler

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