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Log Error has me cross eyed.

Discussion in 'Map Making' started by Darin Cassell, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Darin Cassell

    Darin Cassell Member

    I just can not figure this one out. I have done research and compared my settings with the better maps out there and all setting are correct. I'm referring to the "Station" and my map01 xml file. I have not worked on the tip collision mesh yet so I'm not concerned with that error yet...........I got rid of the compile shader problems, it was the trees and waterplane causing it. And Enzo, I would like to send map to you when completed.....and this is for my personal use and will not be uploaded anywhere by me.


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  2. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Sure I don't mind looking over it for you once your done.
    But I will suggest this simple rule of thumb when building and testing a map, Only have the mods required for that map in that mod folder and only one map in your folder, as you never know if one will conflict with another when using mods like the FabrikScript.

    As for your error, I would suggest you re check your sale triggers names and pathways, as it could be simple as something like a trigger in GE listed as station_spinnery and you have named it Old Ridge Wool, or the pathway has // or something along those lines, as it this kind of error that make a wall and ones own head look very appealing o_O
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  3. Darin Cassell

    Darin Cassell Member

    oh crap that better maps out there sounded awful.....I meant comparing my work to the converted maps on modhub with giants testing done. Funny thing is everything is working perfectly and I'm having a blast playing it. Thanks for the reply.....I will take your advice and carry on.
  4. Darin Cassell

    Darin Cassell Member

    Yes a face palm has happened. After yet another look through all files with triggers, I found SAWMILL01 up in the sky looking for a home on the map..........added it to the Xml and now error free. it was that freakin simple.
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