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FS17 WIP Massey Ferguson 300

Discussion in 'NI Modding' started by Knut A., Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Knut A.

    Knut A. Member NI Modding Wiki Contributor

    Around Christmas 2015 we posted a teaser of our Massey Ferguson 300 series tractor in our Christmas message on Facebook. As work continued on this mod, we presented you with further teasers in the form of Massey Ferguson sales leaflets. Here is a small summary of the leaflets, and WIP info of the project's current state.
    The legendary Massey Ferguson 390T was launched three years after the 300 series was launched in December 1989 at the Royal Smithfield Show, Earls Court, London. This was in response to demand from livestock farmers for a nimble tractor that had more power than the naturally aspirated 80hp 390, but was physically smaller than the wider tracked 93hp 398. It would go on to be a best seller in the 300 series range.
    To complement the Massey Ferguson 300 series tractors that we are working on, we made a 880 loader to suit. The "sales brochure" above explains more about this loader.
    This "brochure" is focusing on the interior of the tractors.
    One of the 2wd options able.
    The 398 was our first model to feature the MF 300 Series "HiLine+" cab. This cab was available on 375, 390, 390T, 398 and 399 models and was mounted on the tractors approximately 115mm (4.5inches) higher than the LoProfile+ variant. This allowed for a near flat floor in the cab for added comfort. According to the December 1989 MF price list, the HiLine cab added £600 to the overall cost of the tractor.

    Other improvements included a higher specification seat, more sound proofing and the option of Air Conditioning. A key visual difference is that the bonnet is also raised in line with the cab giving a taller front grille.

    While the 398 only had 3hp more than the 390T, it benefited from a hydraulic assistor ram as standard, "hook type" linkage arms and a wider track width. In 1989, the list price for a 398 HiLine 4wd was £22,832 - £582 more than the equivalent 390T.
    Most products that we buy can be customised with various options which personalise or improve usability. The MF 300 series was no stranger to this idea with a vast range of optional extras, our latest "brochure" shows some of the extras that could be specified.

    This is now possible in Farming Simulator 2017 thanks to the customisation Giants have implemented, and it is possible to add various objects via the workshop ingame. We would like to introduce this feature to the MF 300 series which will allow users to customise their MF 300 tractor to their needs. Some examples of optional equipment that we are working on are as follows:

    Front weights
    Loader/loader brackets
    Narrow "care" wheels
    Wide wheels
    2/4 wd

    Massey Ferguson produced footstep models of the 300 series as well as the cabbed variants. They were mainly shipped to developing countries. as well as countries with a warm climate. Indeed, Massey Ferguson still produce brand new 300 series tractors for African and Middle Eastern countries to this day, a testament to the quality design of the 300 series.
    At the top of the 300 series range was the the 399. This was the only 6 cylinder tractor, with a 104 DIN hp Perkins 1000 series engine. The 399 could only be specified with the Hiline+ cab. The brochure below provides more information on this model.
    We showed our MF 880 loader further up this post for the 300 series range. The 880 was part of the 800 series loader range which consisted of the 875, 880S, 880, 885E and 888. Massey Ferguson updated this range in the early nineties (circa 1993/4) with the new 800 series. The range was much more compact and featured the 810, 815, 820 and 825. The 820 loader essentially replaced the 880 and the main changes were the addition of the "euro" quick attach system as standard and slight changes to lift capacity.

    This time we have chosen the baby in the range; the 810. It was designed for smaller tractors and is essentially the replacement for the 875 which in turn was the replacement for the original MF80 loader. The 810 is ideal for the 362 as shown in the brochure above.

    Update 27.12.16


    A note for the ones that await this is that it is a WIP without a releasedate set. This is to bring you the best possible result once it is released. Please do not ask when it will be done, and if you can have it early. Early/rushed release=many bugs and anoyance.

    NI modding​
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
  2. Knut A.

    Knut A. Member NI Modding Wiki Contributor

    Update 19.01-17
    6 cylinders and 104 hp - what more could you want?

    Update 21.01-17
    It's not how big your tractor is, it's how well you use it.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
  3. irshgaming

    irshgaming Active Member

    nice to see Massey back again
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  4. BigJohnnyD

    BigJohnnyD Member

    These look stunning to my simple mind and I really will be sat on the edge of my tractor seat until they are delivered to my local dealers.
    I just want to add that the rendering looks fantastic, what software did you use for it?

    Happy new year to you guys as well.
  5. Ben Exley

    Ben Exley New Member

    Looks brilliant can't wait for it to be released as I used to drive 300 series as tht all we used to have 399 n 390t with loader on
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  6. Wow guys such skill, one day i hope ill be able to join in on the fray!
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  7. Knut A.

    Knut A. Member NI Modding Wiki Contributor

    Update in the first posts.
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  8. dj

    dj Testing Staff Testing Staff SOB Modding Wiki Contributor

    very nice update, however I do miss the dual exhaust version, it has so much more power then the other tractors *wink*
  9. fagerman82

    fagerman82 New Member

    this is nice i will waite for as long i takes
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  10. Mooshroom_Miner

    Mooshroom_Miner New Member

    This is absolutely amazing! I own and daily use a 362 with loader around the farm and so cannot wait for this amazing set to be released! Hope all goes well!
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  11. sambo

    sambo New Member

    luv these masseys they are not to small but not to big. good for small to medeam even large farms I will be dl them when they are released. and as they say can't rush perfection.
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  12. SimModdingNL

    SimModdingNL New Member

    NI modding. One of the best modders for Farming Sim :D The Masseys look very good!
  13. harvardfarm

    harvardfarm New Member

    Great choice in tractors, the perfect size for livestock farming. The options are fantastic, good work as always!
  14. tc135bai

    tc135bai New Member

    Are you putting it up on the modcontest??
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