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Modding Central Closing

Discussion in 'This Forum' started by Enzosnext, Dec 10, 2018.

By Enzosnext on Dec 10, 2018 at 7:32 PM
  1. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding


    It is with a very heavy heart that we (SOB Modding) after having to do a bit of soul searching (and working out our expenditures ;)) have decided to close Modding Central down.

    Unfortunately the costs of running our server / website and with the site not attracting the traffic we had hoped as the plan was always for MC to be self funding.
    Part of this was down to us as a team losing our modding mojo, the drive to create mods and also was in part to Giants choice to host and pay modder to release mods onto there own site and then add the option to download from within the game, which was a nice touch from Giants we must add.

    SOB Modding is not splitting up and we are not going away. we have agreed as a team that if and when we do release any of our work, they will only be on Giants Modhub and we must also point out that we are busy playing and working on mods for this version of Farm Simulator as well as working on future titles of other games.

    We would also like to point out that any and all data held on this site (including everyone's personal data) will be deleted. This will also including all messages and all downloaded work by our own team. If we choose to upload these or any of our work to Modhub for example we shall do that ourselves.

    We would like to thank everyone for there input over the last couple of years and also thank the nearly 17,000 members for joining our site, that really meant a lot to us.
    We would also like to thank our sponsors as without there help and support we would never have gotten off the ground in the first place.

    Our cut off date will be the 20th of December so the only way to follow the SOB Modding team is with our new Facebook page LINK

    Once again thanks to everyone ;)


Discussion in 'This Forum' started by Enzosnext, Dec 10, 2018.

    1. Callum
      aww dam!!! thank you guys for all your hard work and can't wait to see ur work when the time's right
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    2. Farmerbernie
      Sad to hear, but thank you for all that you have done for the modding community and for offering this forum as a positive site to share information. Will be following your group on Facebook.
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    3. Pete Benson
      Pete Benson
      That’s very sad to hear. Am not a real active member am afraid but MC is permanently on my browser and I always keep a check on what is going on. Thank you all for the work you have done and am sure are going to do in the future within the modding community.
      Happy Christmas to you all and happy modding.
      Thank you
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    4. Dafydd
      Sad to see this site go but look forward to seeing more mods from the SOB Modding team in the future.
      many thanks to the whole team as you were an inspiration for me to start modding for Farming Simulator, giving advice and help along the way and hosting my Mod.
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    5. Xalizar
      I am saddened that you have to shut the site down, it has been on my 'Check Daily' list since you put it up. I've always enjoyed the layout and getting the latest news here. Thank you for your hard work in standing up and maintaining the site over the years. I sincerely appreciate your work with the site and your mods. I'm looking forward to your future work.

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    6. bipolarprophet
      sorry to hear this but ya gotta pay the bills ;) S.O.B has long been a fantastic source of mods and information and I am glad to hear you will still be active in the community. all the best !!
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    7. LS09God
      Well, that's grand. Came here to see if there where some nice mods for fs19. Then saw this thread. :(
      Guys, good luck in the future and I will watch the Modhub for releases of mods.
      For example, Disco's fs17 weights, I loved them and like to see them for fs19.
      Anyway, happy modding and see ya real soon.... ;)

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