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Savegame and Mods Folder Management through simlinking

  1. vasatko

    vasatko New Member


    if i make account, than says that i must have 5 posts for member. After login i cant see welcome screen! Where is a problem? Win10?
  2. Phil davies

    Phil davies New Member

    Hi Prom, I am still using your excellent mod manager in 17 and have no issues with it.
    However, when I have edited a map, it is never green in mod manager. It just looks like any regular mod, and works fine.
    I use 7zip, could this be the reason why the app can not tell it's a map?
    Thank you in advance.
  3. PromGames

    PromGames Member

    Yes, is not a question of compressor, it is a question of the compression coming from Giants. They include special hidden carachter that we were able to detect! but you will not be able to reproduce.

    Then we can see if the map has been modified from Giants Modhub official version.
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