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Multi Terrain Detail Angle Issues?

Discussion in 'Map Making' started by RainbowDave, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. RainbowDave

    RainbowDave New Member

    Hey all,

    I've been trying to get multi terrain detail working in a map I'm working on, following the instructions from Stegei on Giants forum in this thread: https://forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=895&t=103798

    The issue I'm running into is that while everything works great in GE, as soon as the map is tested in the game the terrain detail angles revert to the default 45 degree angles...which shouldn't be happening. I don't mind redoing the installation if that's the fix, but I'd love to know what on earth is going on to cause the problem in the first place!

    Thanks if anyone can actually help
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  2. Simul8

    Simul8 Member

    I second this, that tutorial didn't work for me either. It kept chucking out a LUA error on line 9. And GE couldn't open the Cut Density.
  3. Disco

    Disco Media Staff Staff Member Media Staff SOB Modding

    While im not entirely sure whats gone wrong with your installation i did a video which worked, see if it helps you out mate:

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  4. masseyharris

    masseyharris New Member

    Before you redo it, double check your detail settings in the game. If you have your graphics on low, it does not show the 4 field directions. Maybe it needs to be turned even higher for 8 directions. Just a thought.
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  5. RainbowDave

    RainbowDave New Member

    It seemed like the issue was I wasn't paying enough attention. I'm too used to the old style of FS15's smooth transitions in multiterrain and with 16 channels it just ended up looking janky. When I had a closer look in game, it turned out the idiot trying to get it in (me) wasn't actually counting the direction channels to be sure it wasn't working
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  6. 8Justin

    8Justin New Member

    so im having this same problem. all works well and i did step by step from that tutorial and Discos video, actually several times but when i go to test in game, theres just the standard angles. I've gone over all the numbers, rechecked everything but im running out of ideas.

    any input would be appreciated

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