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Old Ridge update

Discussion in 'Maps and Map Objects' started by Darin Cassell, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. mereman

    mereman Active Member PC-SG.uk Staff

    I have to agree with @Michmalm . Old ridge has a certain something only 3 maps on 15 had it for me Johnny Vee's Westbridge Forest, OldBor's Blickling (that because it's set 30 miles from where I live) and king of the heap Old Ridge. The role play BP and myself have done wouldn't have worked on most other maps.
    I'm over 450 hours on the save and still haven't been everywhere, well I might have been to some places when I get lost:rolleyes:

    I'm lucky that Darin let me into the testing on Old Ridge 17. I hope to put a video this weekend. It is as close to OR15 as you can get. Not everything is the same some mods haven't made it to 17. Anyone who enjoyed OR15 will enjoy the 17 version.
  2. Darin Cassell

    Darin Cassell Member

    Michael, that's pretty much how I feel about ORF if I could put words to paper, it would read about the same.
    Now I read a popular mod still in beta got released without permission and Cattle and Crops might make an appearance soon. Hell FS17 might die and we all will need SOB to convert it to CnC......LOL......"Yes it just feels like home"
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  3. mereman

    mereman Active Member PC-SG.uk Staff

    Just to mention I'm in the middle of making a snow mask for Old Ridge, there's a lot of roads:p, this so it will be seasons ready.
    Once, as long as Realismus are not so dis-hearted after the theft, when it's released I will make the mask available on pc-sg.
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  4. Darin Cassell

    Darin Cassell Member

    update: I've been playing same version as sent out....the master copy is just cleaning up sides of roads a little and all fixes as reported. Any way I found 2 problems I just can not fix, found a similiar question on another site which was not answered. The home field B(wheat), up near the top there is a small windrow of sugarbeets and before/after harvest can not be fertalized until plowed, field A perfect. Across from the old cow barn and beside the pigs in the new entrance.....when you mow in front of the dirt entrance there is checker board small amount of sugarbeets grass widrow. In game using the kuhn cult/plow over it gets rid of all the problems for good.........fert works and no more beets reappear thereafter. Some people have problems when others don't, so I hope I'm the only one chasing this white rabbit. Lastly when swapping fields, be aware that the player owned fields are way under sized in the definitions and the missions will fail if given back to the NPC. I never expected Disco to crap in my cheerio's so soon by showing this careersave edit.
  5. mereman

    mereman Active Member PC-SG.uk Staff

    Trust Disco:p
    Mind you i've done the same but as I don't do missions I'll never notice;)
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  6. Michmalm

    Michmalm New Member

    Hi Darin,
    Could you possibly give an update on Old Ridge ? - I'm feeling lost and homeless in FS17 :)
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  7. Darin Cassell

    Darin Cassell Member

    It's being looked at. Sorry no time frame at the moment.
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