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Paid job for map editor

Discussion in 'FS 2017' started by binks, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. binks

    binks New Member

    I'm looking for a person who's willing to edit a map we are playing on our dedi server. I'm willing to pay for the job.
    The edit will be for my own personal use. The edit will be done on the already existing map. I just want to be able to enjoy the map the way I want it to be and play it on my dedi server.
    Work will involve adding my personal name + logo on a farm entrance and deleting few factories from the map and replacing them with a different mods. Permission from map author has been acquired and the permission from placeable mod authors to integrate them with a map, also has been granted.
    Please provide links to your previous work.
    The need for the editor person is because map author is backing out of doing any FS related work
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2017
  2. ecco

    ecco New Member

    hola amigo lamentablemente solo hablo espaƱol,
    pero creo que puedo ayudarte con tu mapa..
    dime cuanto estas dispuesto a pagar por la edicion de tu mapa??
    espero y me entiendas y quiza pudieramos llegar a un acuerdo.
    espero tu respuesta aqui
  3. codysmith1

    codysmith1 New Member

    hmm I might be interested ill think about it

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