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Say "Hi" to all thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Satis, May 16, 2016.

  1. jd4760

    jd4760 New Member

    Hello everyone fs 17 player for south western ontario canada
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  2. Jackel

    Jackel New Member

    Hello from Sweden.

    I have played since fs13 but recently I'm going for slow progress and mp-games with some people that want to play with each other. Renting a Dedicated Server and trying to make sense of some of the issues that we are experience during gameplay.
  3. manu

    manu New Member

    Bonjour à tous, je découvre le site j ai 55 ans j aime le vieux matériel et je ne parle pas l anglais ..:)
  4. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Bonjour bienvenue à Modding Central, je trouve que l'utilisation de google pour traduire en différentes langues m'aide alors que nous sommes un site de langue anglaise. (Mais quelle que soit la langue que nous parlons tous, tout le monde est toujours le bienvenu)
  5. Steven wright

    Steven wright New Member

    HI I'm glade I found this site for all the older mods uou have. Thanks Feenix feather for me joining.
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  6. pricefarming17

    pricefarming17 New Member

    hello, all I'm new just saying hi
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  7. vttrider47

    vttrider47 New Member

    hello everyone
    i'm Quentin aka vttrider

    i'm french and i love the old machinery.
    i play farming since the fs 13.
    sorry for my english accent not very good ;)
  8. Hi, I'm also looking to play mp with some cook people!

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  9. SgtMajor

    SgtMajor New Member

    Hello All.....since I need 5 post.....I too might as well get started. (smile)

    I'm Steve....62 years old.....semi retired but work a few days a week as an auditor for a financial services company. I spend most of my free time either fiddling with Farm Simulator or napping. (smile) Actually I stay fairly busy....but do enjoy a little nap about every afternoon. As I've seen a few others mention.....I too like the older farm equipment, however, they seem harder to come by. Best wishes to all!!

    Steve R.
    SgtMajor, USMC (Retired)
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  10. Biggieinc

    Biggieinc New Member

    Hello from PA

    Happy Farming Yall
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  11. winston9587

    winston9587 New Member

    Hi i am winston i am from canada and love to make mods for fs17.

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