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FS17 Mod Support SOB Fix Attacher Joint 17 V1.0

Allows for Tighter Turns

  1. Disco

    Disco Media Staff Staff Member Media Staff SOB Modding

    Disco submitted a new download:

    SOB Fix Attacher Joint 17 - Allows for Tighter Turns

    Read more about this download...
  2. irshgaming

    irshgaming Active Member

    oh yes i was think about that mod last night nice to see it back again
  3. mereman

    mereman Active Member PC-SG.uk Staff

    Yipeee another must have
  4. Popeye57

    Popeye57 New Member

    Maybe someone else may have this issue!
    When i dropped SOB Fix Attacher Joint 17 V1.0 into my mods folder then went into the game and went to buy a tractor i would get a message saying "your item is being purchased" and that little screen would not go away nor was i able to buy the tractor so the only way i could get out of there was to hit the B button on my controller, i tried other items in the shop they all did the same thing so i figured that it could only be the last mod i added and so i removed it and all worked fine after that.

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  5. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Dude many many errors and warnings there with other mods but a simple fix would be to remove "SOB_fixLoaderTool1_1" it is a fs15 mod
  6. Bungal341

    Bungal341 New Member

    Works great cheers
  7. Grant Anderson

    Grant Anderson New Member

  8. tmjdman

    tmjdman New Member

    Great addition to the game makes turning with my smaller implements I use much easier
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
    Enzosnext likes this.

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