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Space Engineers Discussion Topic

Discussion in 'Space Engineers' started by Enzosnext, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Please use this thread to have an open discussion about this title
  2. Ah SE..... I've been playing this since it was a dot on the steam map. Never in my gaming life have I seen a game that gets updated more and has consistently gotten better with every update. Unfortunately my PC doesn't do planets well but it's still fun to build massive and over complicated ships in space :)
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  3. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    They really have sorted a lot of the optimisation out now, but there is always still more to be done, and they have more in the pipeline, have you tried it recently?
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  4. I have. I usually try to check it out every Friday after the Thursday update and then the Friday hotfix. Lately it seems as though they fix one thing to break another although I can understand where they are coming from. Pistons and rotors were a constant nightmare as were landing gear and MP netcode but those things are all much better now. As for optimization they'd have to do a damn sight more for the abacus to run planets :) That is not their fault at all :)
  5. Farmerbernie

    Farmerbernie New Member

    Had purchased this title quite a while ago in a bundle with Medieval Engineers, but just installed it today. Watched the training video and started the tutorials, then my head started hurting :). Will definitely keep chipping away at it. Seems like a ton of YouTube vids to learn from, mods, and a commitment from devs to keep improving.
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  6. gary

    gary New Member

    I love this game as well, the only thing the learning curve, some of the videos they make it look so easy then you're like WTH.. ya know kinda like learning blender :) i go back to it time to time.
  7. gary

    gary New Member

    I started this back up, i seen they had an update, now i get a very random crash, so far it's something i think when you exit to main menu and then try to start a new game. I did some googling, the leading topics of random crashes they blame virus/malware.

    drivers are current, machine is clean, removed and reinstalled the game. I only been playing the simple "quick start" option on creative mode.

    since i been waiting to install a new hard drive, i even use this as a time to do a fresh install. same issue. i never has this much of an issue or even crashing this often. i know it's early release but this last patch seems to have broken it for me :( however i am not getting that vibe from the internet, i am not seeing issues reported with last patch like this. :(
  8. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    From time to time they do break there game which does require a number of updates to fix this.
    Now the only other thing it maybe is if you do have a mod installed that is also causing the problem which is easy to fix. Simply go to steam workshop and un subscribe from any tgat yoy have subscribed to, wait for steam to update itself and should be ok.
    But the only other way is if an old saved game has become corupt which means sonetimes saying goodbye to it.
    To check this try running a new saved game from the start, if it works there is your answer
  9. gary

    gary New Member

    ya, unlike FS i forgot about the mods via steam, ill check that out , i might have added something and forgot, I have a couple blueprints, but I would think they should not matter if its not in the game ??

    ill purge it all out and give it another look. that game has been very hard on my machine in the past, i know they been working on it so it not a complaint just perspective. When its not crashing, the improvements are noticeable, performance and graphics.

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