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Spintires Multiplayer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Simul8, May 19, 2016.

  1. Simul8

    Simul8 Member

    There isn't a section on this so I'll post this here for now. Does anyone have spintires? I have never been on multiplayer so it would be interesting to have a little "mod central off road session" with a few of you guys soon.

    It's pretty boring on single player lol

  2. Majorboer

    Majorboer New Member

    would love to pull some of you guys here out the mud where you are stuck! :D
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  3. dj

    dj Testing Staff Testing Staff SOB Modding Wiki Contributor

    I have it too, I also played multiplayer, makes the game much more interesting.

    The problem about multiplayer is that yuo cannot have someone join you in your current game, and finishing a map in one session sometimes takes a lot of time.

    Would be nice if we can get some MP sessions going
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  4. Brian

    Brian New Member

    I played the demo of Spintires and its so realistic! I'm thinking about buying it!
  5. irshgaming

    irshgaming Active Member

    it good game in mp you could spend few hours exploring and getting stuck and pulling each other out :p:p
  6. Mythos

    Mythos New Member Wiki Contributor

    I play mp in this game. When a friend of mine crashed i invite him back and he logged in succesfully, so we continued and finished the map.
    The main problem for me is that you cannot save the progress as it takes time to finish a map. Usually 1 hour and some minutes for me and my friend.
    For the save problem, i don't know if i missed something or this is what it is.
    If someone know something it's good to inform as the advantage to continue a session is big.
  7. Fahy90

    Fahy90 Member

    I haven't played this game in a while now, definitely enjoyed more as a MP game. I actually don't think I've ever played single player in it. Id be up for MP with a few sometime, probably wouldn't use a mic though as there could be a lot of f'n and blinding on my part lol :p
  8. Simul8

    Simul8 Member

    Well then.... In just under 2 weeks my girlfriend goes on Holiday so I can host for Hours ;)
  9. htfd128

    htfd128 New Member

    I would like to try this game out sometime. Looks like a blast

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