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trailer not fulling up

Discussion in 'Ingaming' started by irshgaming, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. irshgaming

    irshgaming Active Member

    FarmingSimulator2017Game 2016-11-22 13-22-43-64.png i this trailer conveted over to 17 and most things sorted only probblem it full but the full plane is not going up as you can see in the pic any help greatfull in the right direction
  2. dj

    dj Testing Staff Testing Staff SOB Modding Wiki Contributor

    very little information to work with, but herewith some suggestions:

    you can try to copy a fill plane from a default Giants trailer, and see if that works. I think you can even rescale it and freeze transformations after rescaling.

    Is there anythin in your log?

    Did you compare XML files with default giants trailers and see if you are missing information regarding the fill plane?

    Did ou check if the fillplane info in the ML links to the correct fillplane index in the i3d file?

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