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Factorio Version 0.16.27 released

Discussion in 'Factorio' started by Factorio RSS Feed, Feb 28, 2018.

By Factorio RSS Feed on Feb 28, 2018 at 6:52 PM
  1. Minor Features
    • Added refined concrete and refined hazard concrete.
    • The the name textfield in the rename train stop dialog gets automatically focused and the text is pre-selected.
    • Fixed that dying would only put the first stack into the dead body. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed that infinite resources would always produce the same result when at minimal yield. more[forums.factorio.com]

    • Fixed how the switch event is processed. more[forums.factorio.com]

    • Fixed behaviour of the train station list-box when player inventory was big enough to be scrollable. more[forums.factorio.com]

    • Fixed that always_show_made_in didn't work for recipe tooltips in the technology GUI. more[forums.factorio.com]

    • Fixed a crash when migrating item types in some cases.
    • Fixed movement of belt segment that has a lot of squashed items in it.
    • Fixed a crash in the map editor when changing player armor.
    • Fixed a crash related to mods destroying the player during player events.
    • Fixed a crash when creating a Factorio account using the in-game option.

    You can get experimental releases by selecting the 'experimental' beta branch under Factorio's properties in Steam.


Discussion in 'Factorio' started by Factorio RSS Feed, Feb 28, 2018.

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