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Weird animation issue

Discussion in 'Ingaming' started by RainbowDave, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. RainbowDave

    RainbowDave New Member

    I'm working on getting a Profihopper converted over to FS17 and right now I've kind of hit a brick wall with it. It works fine in-game, driving etc (barring a minor camera issue that's easily fixed) however for some reason the mower deck is flat refusing to lower when the Profihopper is turned on...I've looked through the xml and tinkered with a bunch of stuff to try and figure out what's wrong, including referencing the mower deck to the main body of the machine as a moving part, but no matter what I do it's just not animating and as a result, the Profihopper is just an extremely slow runabout with a tip animation that can't mow right now.

    I'm really hoping someone on here has more knowledge than me on this, because I'm dying to get the Profihopper running in FS17! I'm in love with the borderline useless little thing as a yard mower!

    Anyway, I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me where I'm going wrong here, everything looks right to me but it's just refusing to work correctly!

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  2. Carl

    Carl Site Fiddler Staff Member SOB Modding

    Are you getting any errors in the log?
    Check the XML against the original to see if there is anything missing/mis referenced?
  3. RainbowDave

    RainbowDave New Member

    The only error in the log is a non-binary indexed triangle sets error, and both the XML files seem to line up identically with regards to animations, so I'm completely stumped by it not working. I mean, if it threw up an index out of range error or something like that it'd be easy to figure out, but it's a zero error problem where both XML files are identical. In theory it shouldn't even be a problem, the original had no scripts to run the animation so theoretically the FS17 convert shouldn't need any either. It's frustratingly confusing as to why it won't run properly because everything looks fine, it just doesn't work!

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